Richmond Rail Project
Completion Year:
Project Description:


Abi Civil Contractors were engaged to construct a new concrete buffer stop on Platform 2 of Richmond Train Station. We were also engaged to assist with specialised concrete cutting for the demolition of the existing stop inclusive of associated ramps and pathways, the erection of hoarding, steel modification and handrails and fencing.


  • Setup site delineation including ATF and the erection of hoarding
  • Assist with demolition of existing buffer stop
  • Modify steel cage to suit location
  • Landing and positioning of 11T steel cage
  • Install buffer casings to 1mm tolerance
  • Form, reo and pouring of new buffer stop and associated transitions, kerbs, ramps and footpaths
  • Installation of electrical infrastructure including footings
  • Setout and installation of pandrols for rail line
  • Backfilling of new buffer stop and restore area to original condition including reinstatement of handrails and fencing



  • Site confines – tight work area with numerous contractors
  • Works were very labour intensive
  • Significant modifications required of steel reinforcing due to design changes
  • Tight program required to reach completion dates
  • Station remained live for the duration of works
  • Works bordered heritage buildings and walls


Abi Civil were able to quickly mobilise its experienced crew to commence within one week of being awarded the project.

Abi Civil adjusted methodologies mainly in relation to backfilling which allowed us to expedite the program and maintain quality and a complying product. Pecafil was utilised to reduce the 3-day curing period prior to final backfilling.

We regularly adjusted the construction program and level of resourcing to facilitate the needs of our client.


  • The project was delivered in time and within budget
  • The project has fortified Abi Civil’s reputation as a capable Civil and FRP Contractor
  • More consideration and detailed checks towards items supplied by Sydney Trains


The project was successfully delivered by Abi Civil on time despite numerous constraints
Abi Civil maintained an outstanding safety performance during construction with no lost time and medical treatment injuries recorded.  

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