29th October 2021
What Sort Of Things Will You Learn Studying Civil Engineering?

Studying civil engineering is a great way to break into the construction industry, as it will give you the skills necessary to get an excellent job in the labour hire sector. However, if you've only just started to consider a new career in this field, then you might not know exactly what it is a civil engineer will learn during their education, and that knowledge can help you decide if this is a career for you. Fortunately, you're in luck, since Abi Civil and our team can help you understand exactly what it is a civil engineer will learn and how each of those points are applied to their job later on.

Keeping Buildings Standing
A civil engineer's primary goal is to ensure that a building will be constructed via sound methods that don't conflict with the requirements set out by the city, state, or federal governments. Consequently, their school years are spent studying building codes, construction techniques, and construction physics (such as how to implement and manage load-bearing structures).

Making A Difference In The Real World
Once you've acquired a degree in civil engineering, you'll be able to apply for a variety of jobs across a broad range of sectors. Of course, you'll be qualified to work as a civil engineer on a construction project, but you'll also be qualified to work as either a structural engineer or an environmental engineer, too. Finally, a degree in civil engineering also leaves you well-positioned to work as a city planner or manager, which makes this a broad path to take, especially if you're not certain of which career specifically you'd like to follow immediately after leaving high school.

Meeting Code
If you choose to work as a civil engineer in a construction project, then your job is going to consist primarily of designing various buildings and structures, including roads and bridges, and making sure they are compliant with all relevant building codes. This means you will need to account for any space that water supply channels and sewage line systems will require, though it will not be your job to make sure that your plans are being faithfully carried out, as that job will fall to a construction engineer instead.

Can You Start Today?
Should this sound like an interesting career to you, there's very little stopping you from enrolling in a course and making a start today. Once you've got your degree, you'll be ready to start work on a wide range of projects or across a variety of construction firms and companies, though you should seriously consider working for Abi Civil, the best labour hire firm in the state. Our team has worked on a wide variety of projects while providing a broad range of services, including formwork, detailed earthworks, and general labour hire. To speak with our team of civil contractors in NSW about what we can do for you, call us on 1300 402 510.