22nd October 2021
Are There Multiple Types of Gutters And Kerbs To Choose From?

When you want to install a gutter along your road or a kerb anywhere in your property, you might find yourself wondering if there are multiple types that you should be considering to make sure you pick the right one for your needs. Thankfully, our friendly team are experts on the matter, and we're happy to say that there are quite a few kerb and gutter combos to consider, and we can even help make that decision even easier.

One More For The Road
When it comes to picking a kerb and gutter for your road, there are really only two styles that are commonly considered. The 'barrier' kerb and gutter are the most common used alongside a road, and it is named because the sheer face of the kerb creates a barrier between the road and whatever adjoins it, be it a sidewalk, parking lot, or otherwise. Otherwise, you might instead require a mountable kerb and gutter, which features a kerb with an angled surface. This angled surface is designed to make driving easier, as it allows vehicles to swiftly mount the kerb and begin driving away from the road surface. If you need to account for driveways or accessways, this might be the better choice for you.

And A Couple More For When We Get There
Kerbs and gutters can also play a role alongside property and developments, not just roads. For the mower kerb and gutter, their purpose is still the same, helping stabilise a region of land and provide water drainage, but they are much smaller in design than either of the road options, and are typically used alongside a patch of land that will be used for gardening. This helps create both a physical barrier and a psychological barrier, keeping water out of the garden and helping stop people from wandering in across your plants. These kerbs are also highly aesthetic, helping preserve the appearance of your property in full, and can come in various designs and colours to help achieve that.

Alternatively, you can choose a slanted kerb, which notably does not come with a gutter. There is no practical purpose to one of these kerbs beyond providing a visual distinction between two zones of your property, and can once again also help discourage people from walking across them. Primarily, though, they are installed for purely aesthetic purposes, which is a job that they achieve well. As with the mower kerb, the slanted kerb also comes in a few different designs as well as a wide variety of colour choices. When you'd like to install one of these kerbs or gutters, you'll need a labour hire team you can trust to get the job done, such as Abi Civil. We have years of experience in formwork, including installing kerbs and gutters, so you can be confident that a job done with us is a job well done. To speak with our team of civil contractors in NSW about what we can do for you, call us on 1300 402 510.