8th November 2021
Defining Excavation By The Material Being Excavated

Finishing construction on any project is a question of asserting mastery over the very world itself. Maybe you need to overcome the flooding rains with proper drainage, or maybe you've needed to employ formwork to hold your concrete in place against the force of gravity itself. Whatever your project may be, odds are, it's going to start with a certain amount of earthworks and excavation, though what sort of excavation you need will vary depending on the requirements of the project itself. Fortunately, if you're looking for more information on the varying types of excavation available, that might be something we can help with.

Starting At The Top
The uppermost layer of the earth's surface is referred to as topsoil. Topsoil excavation, then, is the act of excavating this topmost layer, which can include the vegetation growing within it. This upper layer is typically where the majority of the moisture content in the soil can be found, so it should be removed as early on in your project as is possible to allow the remaining soil to dry, after which it will be easier to handle. With that in mind, though, that high moisture content makes the topsoil a valuable addition to some projects, so it is typically put aside after being removed and can be restored later on if you require any landscaping work or would like to support vegetation growth, which is a common form of erosion control.

Getting To The Details
Between the topsoil and the deeper layer of rock is a layer of earth, and removing that layer is earth excavation. You'd typically be performing this excavation to make space for a foundation or any embankment your project requires, and you'd be doing so with basic earthmoving equipment, such as scrapers. Anything more complicated, such as drilling or blasting, means you've struck a patch of rock, and the job then becomes rock excavation.

Making A One Size Fits All Solution
Finally, if you're not entirely sure what materials you're going to need to process, you might be able to ask for an unclassified excavation. Anyone performing this type of excavation should be prepared to encounter earth, rock, or topsoil, despite the vastly different challenges each material provides. You may find yourself performing this work due to both practical or legal limitations, in which it becomes too hard to define between the other options, and will instead need to simply perform the excavation to plan, disregarding any other considerations along the way.

Work With The Best
When it comes time to performing excavations for your project, you're going to need to work with the best team available to make sure you don't run into any unwanted issues. Fortunately, when it comes to labour hire, you won't need to look any further than Abi Civil, as our fantastic team are always more than happy to help finish any civil project. To speak with our team of civil contractors in NSW about what we can do for you, call us on 1300 402 510.